Different Types of Chatbots

Different Types of Chatbots and Interesting Concepts and Ideas

Chatbots mimic human conversations using Artificial Intelligence (AI). They can quickly transform the manner of how a person interacts with the Internet, usually employing self-introduced tasks and pseudo-conversations.

Chatbots are not a new and there are different types of chatbots and concepts floating around. They skyrocketed to everyone’s radar when Facebook enabled branded chatbots to appear on its Messenger app. Today’s chatbots are a lot more sophisticated than the rudimentary programs before.

The appeal of chatbots is in their adaptability. They can perform different functions generally related to customer service and interaction. Needless to say, modern chatbots use a high-level of AI. They are extremely good that some people find it hard to differentiate a smart chatbot from an actual human during conversation. As such, using a chatbot and maximizing its benefits can propel a business or a service to greater heights.

Chatbot Concepts and Ideas

Think of Meekan, Foxsy, and Swelly. Meekan is a productivity bot with a cross-vendor scheduling platform. Foxsy is a personal matchmaking bot on Facebook Messenger. Swelly is a social networking bot that helps its users make daily decisions. These are just three of the chatbot concepts that hit the mark in 2016.

Here are some ideas that may trend this year.


Photo Editor Chatbot – a bot that can help users edit their photos the right way before sharing them on their social networking sites. The photo editor bot can suggest filters making the photos more visually appealing.
Photo Printer Chatbot – a bot that gives a user access to his photo galleries straight from his messaging or social media apps to choose which photos to print in an instant. This can be set-up through a Wi-Fi connected printed at home or a local print shop.
Bookworm Chatbot – a bot that gives book recommendations based on the user’s recently read and liked books.
Celebrity Chatbot – a bot that provides instant updates about celebrities and personalities around the world.
Comic Chatbot – a bot that provides facts, news, and trivia about the comics world.


20 Question Chatbot – a bot that lets its user pick a famous person to play 20 questions with.
Trivia Chatbot – a bot that challenges its user about things he may or may not know.
Game Recommendation Chatbot – a bot that provides game recommendations in various genres or based on its user’s preference.

And Even More Different Types of Chatbots...


Breaking News Chatbot – a bot that alerts its user about the hottest news from all over the world.
Journalist Chatbot – a bot that sends tailor-made news or stories from a specific reporter or news anchor.
News Curator Chatbot – a bot that provides snippets of news based on its user preference.
Political Chatbot – a bot that lets candidates answer questions about politics, policies, and programs from anyone.


Law Chatbot – a bot that explains legal matters with minimal (or without) jargon.
FYI Chatbot – a bot that passes information to team members in an instant with the need to set-up a meeting.
Staffing Chatbot – a bot that lets employers communicate directly to their staff.
Resume Chatbot – a bot that accepts CVs or resumes from headhunters and potential employers.


Gift Suggestion Chatbot – a bot that gives recommendations on what gift to buy a loved one, a friend, a colleague, and so on.
Floral Chatbot – a bot that accepts and processes flower orders from the company’s website. It can also send updates about shipping and delivery.
Personal Shopper Chatbot – a bot that offers personalized shopping recommendations to make the actual shopping hassle-free.


Flight Assistant Chatbot – a bot that helps its user find flights by sending tailored flight information. It can also book a flight and check in a passenger.
Train Chatbot – a bot that tells its user the time and destination of the next train. It can also provide information on which trains to ride in a new city.
Global Chatbot – a bot that lets users translate foreign words or sentences. It can also provide local slangs and their meanings.

Fashion and Beauty

Beauty Blogger Chatbot – a bot that lets its user share new makeup finds, and beauty hacks with her audience.
Responder Chatbot – a bot that allows its user to reply to comments left on her website or YouTube channel.
Beauty News Chatbot – a bot that provides notifications for the latest trends and beauty-related news online.


Restaurant Finder Chatbot – a bot that helps its user find the best restaurant within the area or overseas based on his preference.
Time-Checker Chatbot – a bot that informs its user the opening and closing time of restaurants, bars, fast-food chains, diners, and cafes.
Recipe Chatbot – a bot that shares sumptuous recipe based on its user’s preset food preference.
What’s Your Order Chatbot – a bot that takes food order enabling its user to skip queues or to download the restaurant’s app.
Beverage Chatbot – a bot that provides recommendations on drinks and beverages based on the bar, café or restaurant.
Grocery Helper Chatbot – a bot that enables its user to make and save a grocery list. It can also provide healthy food suggestions.

These are great chatbot concepts anyone can explore and study, especially for startups