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Bussiness Analysis

Every business is different. At first, we have to check your site, your business and find the best way how to achive chatbot goals.

Site Analysis

Every chatbot we made is customized to client website and needs. We determine your audience and speaking style that match your audience.

Chatbot Planning

As we now know your industry and your audience, we set the goals for bot campaign.

Chatbot building

After chatbot goal is set up, we develop chatbot text sequences, visitors interactions and whole chatbot design.

Chatbot Integration

Chatbot is now finished and we are ready to show you how it works directly on your website. We donĀ“t need admin access to your website.

Chatbot Delivery

Once you approve final chatbot version, we will send you simple line of code. You just put it into your site and are ready to rock and roll.

Meet ChatbotSpeak

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All the services above are included in all plans. We believe that delivery of outstanding chatbot solution to our clients should be market standard.

We are here to help you get more visitor engagement, more leads and more sales for your business.

We will not provide you chatbot you are not 100% satisfied with. We will tweak it untill is absolutely perfect for you.

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