The Growing Chatbot Company Landscape

chatbot company landscape

Chatbot Company Landscape

ChatBots are used not just to answer basic customer queries. Today, these are used to execute solutions to marketing and customer support problems. The growing chatbot company landscape existence has given entrepreneurs a clearer overview of how they can handle their business processes by alleviating the current issues they face. The communication gap has been mitigated.

KeyReply has designed an excellent infographic that are subdivided according to chatbot company brands, functions, and development.

The axis has categorized the bots based on the functions (upper quadrant) and methods of development (lower quadrant). For the functions, chatbots can be used to execute marketing strategies to improve exposure and interaction between the company and the customer, or for support to handle the issues and provide relevant solution in a lesser amount of time. The lower quadrant explains how these bots were developed, whether outsourced to an external vendor (managed) or built in-house (self-service)

The bots and companies were also divided in a concentric circle. The innermost houses messaging platforms that use send-and receive APIs; second has the companies that are using bots; third has the different types of chat bots available in the market today; and lastly, the outermost has the necessary tools to ensure seamless bot experience.

By Andrew Cain