Artificial Intelligence Trends and the Future to Expect From Them

Artificial Intelligence Trends

Artificial Intelligence Trends

There was a time when people could only dream of the technology we now have. Artificial intelligence was something we saw in movies, but never imagined to be something we can experience in this lifetime.

Today, everything around us showcases the huge leap mankind has taken in terms of technology. Different forms of artificial intelligence trends in the market are the biggest proof of this, and their numbers continue to grow year after year.

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What artificial intelligence trends are we seeing in this field?

  • Bots for different purposes

Chatbots are the best examples of bots that have proven to be quite helpful regardless of the field you’re in. This has made customer service faster and more efficient, as chatbots are able to screen and respond to inquiries and filter the most important concerns that require a real person.

Home automation systems are also run by bots, the best examples of which are Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other similar systems. Personal assistants on any individual’s smartphone are also a good example.

  • Autonomous vehicles

You’ve seen Google’s self-driving car. It has helped Google explore the farthest corners of the Earth as they develop more accurate layouts of cities and regions.

Drones can also be added to this list. Their use is not just limited to capturing images and video footage from a perspective that no man can reach. They also have other amazing uses, most especially in the field of logistics.

  • Robotics

Can you imagine how slow manufacturing processes will still be without the power of robotics? Now, products and different product parts can be created in a matter of seconds or minutes, thanks to the amazing number of robots used in factories.

These are processes that used to take days and weeks to complete, as they were mostly done manually. But artificial intelligence has paved the way to speed and efficiency that could not be possible with manual labor.

Evidently, a lot can still be improved. This is not the best yet. Whatever we’re seeing at the moment is just a taste of things to come. New ideas will still arise.

But I think that’s the best part about technology. There’s always room for growth. There’s always something new to discover. There are always new systems to build. And whatever we think is impossible right now can become reality with the right ideas and the right people to do it.

To date, a lot of the fundamental problems generations have worried about are given solutions thanks to AI systems. And though these are mostly good, let’s not forget to provide checks and balances to each solution. After all, despite the good that it can do, artificial intelligence can also do a little bad when left uncontrolled.

By Darcy Anderson